Origin Story

Tanaka's fascination with music began when he received an acoustic guitar at the age of 12.

After self-teaching himself the basics of acoustic guitar, he fused this new skill with his knack for writing poetry and thus the singer-songwriter referred to as "TwiceToasted" was born.

Since then, Tanaka has never been able to stop performing and has been involved in:

Kent Clarks Collegiate Acapella Group with notable performances at the White House in the presence of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as well as an appearance on NBC's Today Show promoting Pitch Perfect 2.

A lifelong learner, Tanaka will never get tired of learning new things. He has earned a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and a Master's degree in Human Biology from Kent State University in Ohio, attended the Lillehammer Institute of Music Production & Industries in Norway and is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Podiatric Surgery.

While obtaining his Master's Degree, in 2017 Tanaka launched his very own record label "Phronesis" (Ancient Greek for "practical wisdom") and began self-releasing music.

During his 1st year of Medical School, in 2019 Tanaka released his self-produced debut 32-track Live Studio Album titled "Born and Raised" followed by a second 32-track Studio Album "Dream Catcher" just three months later.

With OVER 70 self-released tracks Tanaka aka TanOctaves aka TanAcapella aka TwiceToasted - cannot be defined by a single genre or vocal range.

"I breed trains of thought whose cabooses are nooses to ignorance."


[Latest Release]

[Album 1: May 8th, 2019]

[Album 2: July 4th, 2019]


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