Solo Dolo (Healthy Living)

About the Artist

My name is Tanaka and I release music under the artist name “TwiceToasted”.

In 2019, I was fortunate enough to be 1 of 16 artists selected to spend a year at a music school in Norway called the Lillehammer Institute of Music Production & Industries (LIMPI).

We spent several months making music together at the school’s studios.

This specific project was created independently outside of class - recorded, mixed & mastered by yours truly.

This EP is just a teaser - I can’t wait to show you the world-class collaborations that happened at LIMPI.



About the Project

On March 13th I kicked off my EP release by dropping the title track, “Solo Dolo”.

This song is about the lessons I learned while being independent.

Doing things alone isn’t always the best.

When I wrote this song I wanted the lyrics to remind people:

We all need a support system, a friend - a mentor.

For too long I stayed “Solo Dolo"

(solo on the down low)


an “independent loner”

Thinking it was healthy living

This idea is what inspired every song on the EP and why “Solo Dolo (Healthy Living)” became the name of this collection of music.

There are definitely ups and downs when it comes to being independent - my hope is that this music highlights the universal truths of the matter.

The EP is available for Free Download for those affected by COVID-19 here



On March 25th the 2nd single from, "Solo Dolo (Healthy Living) titled “Witcha Peaches” landed on the Official Spotify Editorial Playlist “Fresh Finds” (with 700,000 followers) in less than 7 days after I released it!!

#1 Witcha Peaches (Honey, Honey)

#2 Ought to Know (Cut the Negative Energy)

#3 Red Yellow Green (ft. Key'L)

#4 Solo Dolo (Healthy Living)

#5 Cashmere Suede (Captain)

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